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Global Filters and Level 2 access


All over the place I see that Global Filters are visible by all users, but when I make a user level 2 the global filters go away. I am attempting to create a structure where most users just have access to their categories, the inbox goes away, and we use filters as inbox’s. But the only way that I can see to do that is to create instructions for users to create their own filters. I would love to have the global filters available to level two, is this possible?



Hi Pete,

There’s not currently a way to do that. HelpSpot prefers to be open by default, could you make them help desk level or you must have actual separation between categories?


Separation is better because we will have different departments handling different mailboxes and addresses. We could get along with them in the help desk level, it is just prone to more mistakes. Thanks for the answer.


I think you should give it a go, the vast majority of customers run in environments like yours and use the help desk level without issue. Plus being able to cross over is more useful and happens more often than you might suspect.

V3 does have a new permissions system that would allow you to work with this a bit more, but I would still try it the “normal” way first.