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Global filters


I set uf some global filters (subject key and keywords) but still some request are sent to inbox instead of filters
Hope you can help


New requests are always sent to the inbox. Filters are just different views of the requests in the system, they do not affect the routing of requests. However, you can still answer requests from filters.


thanks. So, Can we affect routing of requests?


Yes, there’s a few ways.

First, you can define a default category for requests for each mailbox. So you could have requests categorized by the email accounts they come in on.

Another option is by using Mail Rules (admin->tools->mail rules) to classify requests based on some condition in the emails themselves.

A third option is automation rules, you can define rules to classify requests. For this to work though you’ll need to run the automation rules very often, probably every minute. You can read how here:

Of course filters are also used in routing as you’re already doing, it’s just that they’re the views of your requests. So you can use filters to create queues for different groups of users and batch assign/answer from filters as well.