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Gmail Inboxes/label to pull into Helpspot

We have an email account that has 100,000+ emails in it. It also gets a lot of emails that are system generated and we wouldn’t want to create a ticket for these types of emails. We thought we might be able to use a “folder/label” set in Gmail (our email provider) and have it set as an InBox (at least that is what Google calls it).

We got it setup in Helpspot and changed the Mailbox (in Helpspot) to “HELPSPOT” which is what we want picked up from our Google/Gmail account. However after we sent a couple of emails and changed the label to HELPSPOT (putting them in this Inbox, as Google refers to it) Helpspot doesn’t pick them up. The connection is good or tested good but no email is being picked up from this label. Is what I’m explaining possible or have I mis-understood what the Inbox feature is/although Google calls them Inboxes they really aren’t?

Thanks for your time.