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Google Apps IMAP account adds outbound emails to ticket


After successfully using a 3rd party SMTP service for outbound emails from HelpSpot for a few years, we recently changed to sending emails from HelpSpot via Google Apps using SMTP so all outbound emails are captured by the Google Apps mail account for future reference and integration with other systems (specifically, our CRM system).

What’s happening now is that outbound emails for an account are being picked up by HelpSpot and added to the ticket as a “private” response - which causes a previously closed ticket to be re-opened.

So we have a “Public” response to a ticket (which may cause a ticket be to closed), and then shortly afterwards the ticket is reopened and the same reply is added as a “Private” response to the ticket.

I’m wondering if I’ve missed some setting somewhere which might be causing this problem.


Hmm. We use Google ourselves and haven’t seen that. Do you have something on the Google end that’s putting email from Sent over into an inbox or something like that? If it ended up back in the inbox HelpSpot would pull it out.

Another issue could be if emails are set to be forwarded by your mailbox and that forward is not a real person but an alias that’s delivering the email into a mailbox that HelpSpot is checking. That could cause it as well.