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Group of Custom Fields


It would be nice to have the ability to create a group of Custom Fields as Group Filters.


Could you clarify what you are looking for here? We may have a feature to do this already.


When I create a custom field, it would be nice to be able to define a membership group.
When I open a ticket, I would see the list of custom fields on the right, grouped together for the groups I have previously created.


I’m not sure what kind of organization strategy you are using in your installation, but you can specify custom fields to only appear in certain categories. You can thus use categories to create separate groupings of custom fields.


Yes I see.
I think structure like this:

1st Category
-1st Custom Group Fields
–1st Custom Fields
–2nd Custom Fields
-2nd Custom Group Fields
–3rd Custom Fields
–4th Custom Fields
–5th Custom Fields
–6th Custom Fields


We don’t have a second level of grouping like that currently. If all of your custom fields are dropdowns you could consider using a drilldown list.