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Guest Users permissions


You say that Guest Users (from Admin/Staff) have access only to their own assigned requests.
That’s right, but Guest Users have also access to Search Menu where thay can find ALL requests.
They cannot open unassigned requests, but from search result they can read Customer, Email, Subject and so on.
Is there a way to solve this issue and limit Guest Users permissions?



Hi Mirko,

You have to enable limited access mode for guests in Admin->Settings->System. By default the system remains open without enabling that.


Great! Thank you very much!
Another question about guest users: from the request details page, in the “Send email from” list, they can choose the email address for reply. Is there a way to limit this behaviour? In other words: I’d like that guest users send reply only from one specific email address.



Not currently. You can set a global default send from in Admin->Settings->System but it will apply to all users.


We think it’s a very big limit of your product because in this way our customers (with a guest user accounts) can see (and use) all email addresses configured on the server. We have a complex corporate structure where we need more flexibility on user permissions and visibility.

Is there a planning to solve this issue?

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Hi Mirko,

The guest access is really designed for other coworkers who may not need full access and isn’t conceptually designed for customers. Customers can login on the portal to view their request history.

If you want to give them more power you could use the API to create a custom form for customers and then you could control everything about that user interface.


You are right, I mean coworkers and not customers…sorry! But some of our coworkers must not know our corporate structure and give them less power would be very helpful…