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Handling attachments with HelpSpot


How are attachments handled with HelpSpot? With many hosting providers (including recommended by HelpSpot), I see there are 2 file sizes listed for each option - one is database space and the other is file system space. When an email comes into HelpSpot with an attachment, is the attachment saved in the database space or is it saved in the file system space? If it’s in the database space, it would seem that the space would be filled up fairly quickly given that HelpSpot does not have an option to archive/remove attachments after a certain amount of time – is that right?

Do you have customers who email attachments? If so, how do you handle the space needed for them?


Hi Penny,

All data including attachments are stored in the database. As such, it’s your database size limitations which are important in regard to your HelpSpot installation. We generally don’t hear a lot of issues with users running out of space, but this is of course very dependent on the size of attachments you normally receive in your support requests.

It is possible to truncate the attachments if you want to. We have a few customers who do this. While it’s not done via the system, the system will continue to run and work other than the data being unavailable. Mostly this is done by customers receiving gigabytes of data per week which they don’t need to store.

You can delete the rows from the documents table or empty the data column in the documents table. Of course you need to weigh this carefully as once gone the data cannot be retrieved (other than via any backups you have made).


Is there a preset limit in Helpspot on individual attachment size or type (other then the definable extension block in the admin side)?

Here’s why I ask:
We’ve recently begun recording our remote assistance sessions, which includes chatlog, xml system specs and wmv of the sharing session. All of the files will attach fine except for the movie, which is ~21MB.

I know our PHP and MySQL can handle this, as I personally wrote a script for outgoing large email attachments that will upload and store files upto 45MB on the same MySQL Server.


Hi Russell,

There’s no hard limits. In fact we have customers importing much larger files than that. My guess is that you don’t have the php memory_limit variable high enough. HelpSpot has other memory requirements besides just the size of the attachment to deal with so if that variable is only 32 or even 64mb it may not be enough for a 20-30mb file. Try 128 for the memory and see if that helps.