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Handling email communication failures


There may be an implicit feature request in this, but I am also curious to hear suggestions for how to handle this given the current setup. Every once and a while, responses sent by our staff from the web interface will fail, either due to communication difficulties with the SMTP server or – as we recently experienced – our email provider had a brief outage. HelpSpot does show the delivery failure message in the response log, but it is hard to catch. For example, if we “Update and Close” the ticket, it remains closed. We have had a few failed deliveries slip through the cracks because of this.

It would, of course, be nice if the emails were somehow queued and delivery was reattempted later. But given the current setup, does anyone have a strategy for using automation or filter rules to draw attention to these failed deliveries? It would be great to just ensure that the tickets were noticeable and highlighted in some way. Or some way to configure the delivery that enables queueing through a local email server?




Hi Nathan,

There are some checks already in place where on update and close it can show a message, but in some cases this check could fail.

The Ultimate solution is the one you mentioned which is to queue and retry emails. This feature is definitely coming in HelpSpot 5 (and I never guarantee features ever!). So, this should be addressed in the fall. In the meantime, I’m going to have the devs check how update and close is acting on SMTP failure as it should under most circumstances notify you so we’ll make sure there’s no bugs in there.


Thanks Ian! I appreciate the follow-up and the preview of things to come (I am the same way about avoiding promising new features, totally understand).