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Has anybody the Language File translated to German Language?


Hi out here,
we like to install, and switch to, Helpspot!
But due to that we have 3 Subsidaries and 3 Customers who shall have a Login to helpspot, we need German Language.
I don’t like to do a work which is already done by anybody other.

Thanks for Answer!
Ralf Schneider


Hi Wolfgang and Ralf,

If you all are willing to share your language file, we would be more than happy to post them here on the HelpSpot website. If you would like to do this you can just submit them to us in a request ticket.

Thank you both!


Hi, out there,

Wolfgang sent over a partly translated one!
We will now translate the rest.
If Wolfgang agree’s i can send over after Translation!
I think this will take aprox. 4 - 8 Weeks … because we first want to install, customize, and breing a first “up- and running System” online …then we integrate German Language, pass it through to our Test-Department …and if they agree … we can send over!

P.S. Wolfgang … ok for you to send it over ?


hmmmmm …
maybe … Ian should think about giving one Year for Wolfgang and us of FREE Support for Sending over the translation …



Hi Ralf,

We certainly appreciate the effort, it’s great that the system is performing to levels which justify spending this level of time on it.

We have actually tried a customer maintained language pack in the past, but it’s just too difficult to coordinate. If you would like to share though I’m happy to post the language file for others to use as a starting point.