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HelpSpot 4.5 Release Inline Image Editing


HelpSpot 4.5 Release Inline Image Editing

When using “Ctrl V” to paste an image into my Helpspot install that was just upgraded to HelpSpot 4.5 Release I get the following message. This appears to be a configuration option. Is this something that can be simply enabled? I am expecting it to just work like it does here on the Discuss Forum.

Am I confused about how the new feature works or is this a configuration we need to change in our install?


@ian can you please confirm if the new inline image feature allows you to copy and paste as I was trying to do above? Or do I understand the feature wrong?


Hi Bill,

It doesn’t currently support that. The new wysiwyg does in theory support it, but we still have some more things to tweak with various browsers and how HelpSpot handles attachments to make it work.

So for now, you can drag and drop into it from your desktop, but not paste an image in.

Pasting is something we’ll be enabling once we get a few more things ironed out.


One other item, talking to the devs on this. There’s still a lot of flakyness with different browsers and how they support it and also the source of where you pasted from. And so there was a lot of problems with pasting due to how browsers accept the paste from different locations (locations of where you copied from) and things like that. So for now, we’re leaving it at drag/drop which is more reliable.


Thanks for the update. I appreciate the technical challenges involved here.

The disappointment is that most applications allow copying to the clipboard without having to save to the file system if you are grabbing a screen capture. This just adds extra steps of saving the file, naming it, browsing for it. Drag and drop doesn’t seem to have a lot of benefit for me here.

But I am glad for your work on adding new features in this area.

Thanks again for clarifying!


We use the paste option previously discussed on a regular basis to include screenshots of issues or wire drawings for development. Not having this feature is a pain.

Drag and drop doesn’t work either, I tried it.

When can this be fixed?


What error are you seeing when dragging and dropping images?


I got a similar error, “drag and drop disabled”. Just tried it again, though, and it sort of works if you place it correctly. The attach function works and will attach them in-line as well.
However, I still agree with bill that a true paste capability, like you used to have, would be much better.

Thanks very much for the fast response, I’m not as cranky now. :slight_smile:


Yes there is a browser issue where if you drag quickly or with certain window focus the WYSIWYG editor will catch the drag and drop event instead of helpspot. You will then get the error that you saw. We have true copy and paste on the feature list!