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I guess there isn’t but thought I would ask anyway! Is there an API that can utilised so that support requests can be logged directly into HelpSpot by external software or website?
The only alternative I can think of is that the 3rd party software generates an email, and Helpspot picks it up from there; but just wondered if there was something more “slick”?! :slight_smile:


Slickness is in route! Version 2 will have a full API. We’re just starting development on it though so it’s still a ways off. For now you can use the email parser API to send in requests (as you mentioned). Using the email parser API gives you a lot more power than just a plain email so you should check it out.


Hi D.,

This might answer part of your question:

I did this by re-creating the Helpspot form in my ASP environment and setting the form to POST to the form input handler normally used by Helpspot. I even populate drop-downs from the HS database as well and also force-authenticate the currently logged on user against our Active Directory so I can auto-pull their userid, employee #, email, etc., as well as data for my custom fields and auto-fill the form, leaving the user to just enter the problem info. HS accepts the custom field data very nicely.

Now, I could have done this all with a custom file in HS directly, but my existing environment is ASP, with lots of reusable code at my fingertips, and I’m not so much of a PHP-guy (yet), so that made sense for us in this case.


Yep, there are lots of other customers doing things in the same vein as Alan. Either posting to the request form, inserting directly to the DB or using the email parser.