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Find out how Triggers, Automation Rules, and Mail Rules differ and how you can leverage them with your support team.


First off, fantastic article–extremely helpful!

I did have a question though…I’m trying to get an inbound email (creating new request) to assign to a specific tech based on either Subject of email or a keyword/phrase in body. To make a little more sense, I’ve got a handful of PDF forms that are submitted to and I’m looking to setup automation for certain forms to go to certain techs.

I realize there are potentially various ways to achieve this, but let me get a little more specific before I get judged for a dumb question:

-Using a single Category that is set to Round Robin w/o Admins
-I can easily achieve this using another category, but for growth purposes I’d like to keep within the same category.
-Attempted to use Mail Rules based on subject of email
-Attempted to use Triggers based on ‘note body - now contains - %keyword%’

Both Mail Rules and Triggers work as they should…with one catch: Because we’re using Round Robin, the new request hits the round robin and assigns to a tech, but then re-assigns as the rule states. So all in all, it’s working. But that extra bounce of hitting a different tech’s queue means that tech gets two notification emails (New Request + Reassigned) that add to that non-stop ‘ding’ of emails. Obviously not the end of the world, but just extra notifications that aren’t necessary.

I’ve checked the ‘Suppress any staff notifications that result from Action’ which will suppress the email to the second, reassigned to by rule, tech…not the first tech receiving the nonsense emails.

I’m probably missing something right under my nose, but could you point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance for your help and guidance.



Hmm interesting. Well, first question is do you have control over the email that is generated when sending in the forms? If so, you could use email parser tags to assign to the correct user from within the email itself and avoid the mail rule and trigger.

If not, there’s not a way currently to easily suppress that default notification on the initial round robin assignment.

If you have control over the email address the email is sent to you could create a new mailbox for these that didn’t do any auto assignment and let the mail rule handle that. Then you wouldn’t have two categories, but just a second mailbox specifically for this.