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Helpspot Cloud Authentication


We recently migrated to the hosted version of Helpspot, which has been going well. We are looking to improve security some by tying Helpspot to an Authentication service (preferably our AD).
That being said, we obviously can’t expose our AD environment to the internets.
Can the Black Box feature be used as a AD Federation Service “proxy”?
If not, is there some other way to tie into ADFS?


Hello Sir,

Black Box isn’t strictly an AD connector, so it could do some non-traditional things like access your AD through a proxy or perhaps VPN in even? Currently there’s nothing built in to let it be a proxy, but that’s not something we’ve played to much with.

For version 5 we are going to be spending some time with SSO protocols and most (all) work with AD. That should make integrating with AD easier, though, I’m not sure you’d be able to do it without some kind of connection back into your internal AD.

Your HelpSpot server is dedicated to you so it would be possible to isolate by IP (not fool proof) or potentially put any type of security keys that may be needed on there.