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Helpspot email handling questions


We’re currently testing the 45 day demo.

  1. if a customer replies to an old email on a
    request that is already closed, that new email message is completely lost. It doesn’t create a new request, and it doesn’t get assigned to the old request (re-opening it). This could really hurt from a customer support standpoint, because the customer will get upset at the lack of response and potentially cost a sale.

  2. If a customer sends a new email (does not reply) on an existing open request, there is no way to assign the new email to an existing request?

  3. if a customer replies to an existing request with a NEW request (such as, “thanks for the help! I have a new question about …”) there is no way to split that response off into a new request?


please disregard item 1. I had tested this by sending a reply to a closed request, and nothing happpened. Then, I emailed in a NEW request, and saw that the new request was created (but still no update to the old request), so I assumed the email was lost. for some reason, many minutes (and email scans) later, the old request was re-opened automatically. So, #1 is working.

That still leaves #2 and #3 as an issue for us.


Hi Nick,

  1. Correct, there is currently no way to merge two requests into one. This is something we’re looking into for a future release.

  2. Correct, you cannot split off a request. However, there is a setting in the admin which allows you to automatically turn emails into an old request into a new request if X days have passed. You can of course manually break off the item into a new request.


With 1.5.1, e-mails concerning a closed request (i.e. with the request ID in curly brackets in the subject line) no longer re-open the request, instead they create a new request.

We have “Email Replies New After:” set to its default of 30 days.

Any idea what is wrong?




I don’t have any other reports of this, so all emails in response to existing closed requests are creating new requests not reopening? I’ll try and replicate this over here and see what I come up with.


OK I see what’s wrong and why it may happen in some circumstances. For now set the “Email Replies New After:” setting to 0 to disable this feature. That will return the old behavior. We’ll be releasing a new bug fix release in a few weeks that will fix this and some other bugs that have been reported.


is there any way my previous requests above (#2 and #3) can be implemented in the next version as well? our customers often send new emails (not replies) on old requests, and also often send replies when it’s really a new request, so having a simple feature to reassign a message to an existing request or as a new seperate request is really important for us.


Hi Nick,

Steve’s problem is a bug so that will be fixed in the next bug release. #2 and to some degree #3 are pretty big features that would need significant testing, etc. They’re both on our list, but it’s unlikely they’ll be included in a release before version 2 which is just in the planning phase.


Thanks Ian - I’ve set it to 0 and the problem has stopped!


Great! We’ll have this patched up in the next release.