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HelpSpot in a Virtual Machine



Does anyone have a HelpSpot installation setup in a virtual machine, preferable VM Ware?
I guess what I’m looking for is a downloadable VM that I can throw on my server and get it running without having to do a full install myself.

If no one has one and I do set one up, would anyone at UserScape want me to FTP them a copy so they can provide it as a VM Ware appliance to people so they can get up and running super quickly?

I guess even with a VM image you would have to re-run the initial configuration so that the company name and other setup variables get configured right, but it would still save a lot of time. I would say “time and frustration” but my initial install went so smoothly that I wasn’t frustrated at all.



Great to hear it wasn’t frustrating Al :slight_smile:

We’re researching a VM app currently and it’s likely something we’ll offer at some point in the future (though you’re already set). You would still need to run the installer as you said, but the rest of the stack would be there.

We actually use VM Fusion for most of our testing as we build on Mac’s and do Windows/Linux testing in VM’s (though right now they’re not setup as apps).

As Andrew mentions it needs to be something that’s kept up to date so that’s why we’ll need to take it on ourselves. It does get a little tricky in that you could only install via VM once and upgrades would need to be done in the tradition method of overwriting the files which could be a little odd but I do think it will be useful.;


We are currently running Helpspot on Windows 2003 server inside a VM. We are just using the free version of VMWARE Server and it runs fine.


Thanks for the note Jayson!