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Helpspot install instructions for mssql no help. cant connect?


Trying to install using IIS 6/ PHP 5.1.6 (latest) / MSSQL 2000 sp4.

On the test page for installer.php, all tests ok except will not connect to MSSQL server. Turned logging on for IIS, PHP, SQL and can see

a) IIS server not even hitting SQL when installer.php doing test…let alone any failed auth. so problem either iis,php or helpspot
b) ODBC connection from the IIS server to SQL using the SQL user I setup works fine.
c) no PHP errors in event log or log file to indicate problems there…though could be ntwdblib.dll.
d) checked version of ntwdblib.dll of php 5.1.6 and very new. I tried SQL 2000 version of ntwdblib.dll but php_mssql.dll would not start. swapped back.
e) IIS server resolves hostname ok.
f) config.php as follows seems to be right ( i have replaced names).

ex: define(‘cDBTYPE’,‘mssql’);


Your database user



Your database users password



The name of your database. Note that this database must exist before running installer.php



The full URL to your helpspot installation. There should be no trailing slash. Examples:



The full path to your installation. You won’t usually need to change this.

define(‘cBASEPATH’, dirname(FILE));

I can only think that Helpspot have not tested IIS6 + the latest php.

Please advise what combination of IIS and PHP version ppl have working with MSSQL 2000 sp4.



Hi Ian,

Many customers run IIS6 so I don’t think that’s the issue. If you have PHP working then the IIS part is all set.

It looks like you’ve already seen the MSSQL troubleshoot guide:

This type of issue is a problem with ntwdblib.dll 95% of the time. You should take the ntwdblib.dll file off the sql server server and put it on the PHP machine. Also make sure the file is someplace in the Windows path. You could put it in the system32 folder or put the php extension directory in the path.


If you have installed on your machine the sql server tools try running the sql profiler and see what happens when helpspot attempts a connection. Hope this helps.