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HelpSpot Language Pack Drive


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HelpSpot has always had the ability to use custom language packs. These allow you to translate the entire interface to a new language. Many customers have done just that, however, there’s never been a good way for us to share new language packs customers create and never a good way to let customers help each…


Will we still need to run separate instances of Helpspot to have the interface in other languages?


Do you mean if you wanted the agent UI in different languages for different people? Yes, for now. Though adding the ability to have that as a per-agent setting is something we’re going to look at adding.

There are some complications because the language pack is used to set things like the language in email replies, the portal, etc. So we’ll need to make each of those also have it’s own assigned language pack. It’s all possible, but will take a bit of time. We first want to get the base concept of languages more organized and then we’ll add features there.