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Helpspot Logs Techs Out and Returns to Login Page for Each Request


We’re using Helpspot 2.7.1 (an older version) and just today we’ve been experiencing this issue. We can login to Helpspot, but every time we attempt to click on any link, ticket, settings, anything at all, it takes us back to the login page.

If I’m attempting to open a ticket in my queue, once I login again it will bring me into that ticket, but if I try to update, close, or reassign that ticket it won’t save or remember any changes.

Can anyone assist me in finding why this would just start happening out of the blue and what we can do to resolve this?


Check your server times and also check your disk space on the server. In the database, if using MySQL make sure no tables are corrupted, especially HS_Sessions2.


It looks like the HS_Sessions2 was corrupt, it’s repaired and back up and running now. Thank you very much for the help!


Sweet! Thanks for the update.