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HelpSpot not picking up on FogBugz Push Request



I’m trying to implement the FogBugz push request example on our HelpSpot system and I’ve hit a snag. It would appear that FogBugz is getting the push correctly since a case is being created and it’s returning the Case ID in the push request classes push function (I added an echo statement in to see it display it on screen).

However, HelpSpot doesn’t appear to then be listing any Requests Pushes (as per the example does) underneath the Request Details. I had a look at the HTML source and can see the section there but its got a style of display:none with nothing to show. So it looks like HelpSpot isn’t picking up on the Case ID that’s coming back from FogBugz.

Any suggestions as to how I’d debug it further?



Hi Paul,

Does adding the echo let you see it on screen? If so try adding one before return $xml->case[‘ixBug’]; in the Push method to see if an ID is set. That’s all that should be needed for it to work.

When you reload the request page is the record of the push there? You could also make sure that the database table for pushes was created, it’s HS_Request_Pushed.


Hi Ian,

That’s exactly where I’d put the echo statement and yes I was getting the FogBUGZ Case ID listed there (I’d added "echo "xml->case[‘ixBug’] = “. $xml->case[‘ixBug’];” which, for example after a push request, displayed “xml->case[‘ixBug’] = 43”).

When I reload the page there is no record of the push. I checked the HS_Request_Pushed table and it is there, but is empty.


We use this ourselves with FB so it should be working. The case is built OK in FB? Do you see any related errors in Admin->Tools->Error Log?


Yes, the case seems to be built OK in FB. I’ve checked the Error Log and it doesn’t mention anything related to this (there are errors listed, but they relate to full-text search).


If you want you can send use your request push file to customer.service at and I can take a look at the file. Perhaps a error was accidentally introduced in there or something like that. Also what version of HelpSpot are you running and what database?


Ian, thanks for your help so far. As suggested, I’ve emailed various details to customer.service.