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Helpspot not sending ticket updates to alternative email addresses


I have set up an alternative email address to send messages to my yahoo account.
I checked the box "Send Notifications via the alternate email"
However I am not receiving any ticket updates at my alternate email address.

I have verified that the server can send email externally
I have verified via the Helpspot Outbound Email Test (SMTP and built in PHP) that helpspot can send externally.

I have also verified that ticket updates can be sent externally when added as a CC to the ticket.

another oddity: apparently when I check “Notify on Unassigned New Requests” I do receive notifications of new requests at my alternate email, but only on New Requests. not on Updates to existing tickets.

We have recently transferred our Helpspot ticket system from an Turnkey Ubuntu system to a Turnkey LAMP stack (Debian Squeeze)
We have also recently upgraded to Helpspot version 3.2.5


Hi Michael,

Does your mail address also received the emails and only the secondary doesn’t? Are you sure they’re not in spam or blocked somewhere? Have you tried a different secondary as a test?


Yes, my main email address receives all ticket updates as expected. I am also sure that the Alternate email address is not sending them to SPAM.

I have verified this with another user as well who has his alternate email set to go to GMAIL
I have also configured my staff profile to try to send to so they go to my phone.


Hi Michael,

We just checked this out, we’re not seeing any problems. Do you have this setting set?

I’m thinking maybe not as the alternate address is on the same email not a separate email. So are you seeing both email addresses on the emails you do get like this:

If not I’d think it must be that setting.