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HelpSpot notifications reported in outlook spam filter


We just rolled HelpSpot out for our clients and we’ve gotten reports that our notification emails (public notifications) are ending up in the clients spam filter for outlook. Our emails never ended up in their spam filters before. Is there something we can do about the formatting of our messages to avoid the spam filters in outlook. Thanks.



Hi Randy,

Have you setup HelpSpot’s emails to use your SMTP server? If not you’re just using the servers local email server and those are MUCH more likely to be marked as spam.

You’ll want to make sure at least admin-settings-email integration has your mail server setup and you may also need each mailbox to have it’s own custom SMTP settings for each account. That’s in admin-email mailboxes, each mailboxes settings.

There’s no known issues with the formatting of the emails in general which have been in use for many years and are pretty conservative, so I suspect the issue is with setting up the SMTP.