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HelpSpot on PHP 7?


Have you tested HelpSpot 4.x on PHP7?

Is ionCube loader still required? I notice that ionCube loader for PHP7 is still in beta


HelpSpot doesn’t yet support PHP 7. There’s some libraries that we need to swap out which currently use references and things that PHP 7 dropped or changed. So it will be a bit.

For now you’ll want to use PHP 5.6.




sorry to restart this topic but is there any timetable on that? I would really like to have Helpspot work on PHP 7.



We are getting very close and in the final stages of testing the PHP 7 integration. This will be supported in v4.6.0 when it’s rolled out.


Thanks for your reply. It’s good to know it will be rolled out soon.

Thanks for your hard work.


Just an update for everyone here. The beta with PHP7 support is now available:


that’s cool.


Thanks for that.

Quick question though. I can’t seem to find where to download this beta version. Can you help me?



If you want to get started testing or using the beta feel free to head over to Once there, select your platform and select to view older and beta releases


I hate to resurrect the thread again. Above it says that helpspot will support php 7 in 4.6. All the documentation still is saying 5.6 (with a + in one instance). Is it safe to use php 7? I’m currently using 5.6 but plan on updating my server to ubuntu 16.04 next month which will install 7 by default and as a laravel user I’d prefer to use the latest version and 4.5 will have a php 7.0 requirement.


Hey there, as long as you are on HS 4.6 you will be fine with php 7.0. The most up to date requirements should always be out here and 5.6+ is now the system requirement (changed from 5.4 through 5.6)