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HelpSpot Supports drag and drop attachment?


HelpSpot Supports drag and drop attachment? andy


Hi Andy,

Not currently, though that is something we’re looking into for a future version. We do support having attachments on prepared responses, so if these are the same attachments you use over and over response actually greatly improve the speed of working with them much more than just drag/drop.



Would really like this feature. However browser access to the clipboard without saving to desktop is even more critical.
This feature is such a time saver that it is almost a must have for any future applications we choose that include images.

It prevents people from having to save and name, browse and locate images arbitrarily just to insert them into a message.


Yes, this is something we’re looking into now. In the current version if you have documents/images you use a lot you can attach them to responses to insert. However, better support for inlining one off images would definitely be nice to have.


@ian Is there an update on paste from clipboard feature?