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I have an issue with a trigger right now when a customer’s ID is changed to perform a request push. This works initially but when a customer replies to an email the trigger fires again even though the customer ID is not changed. What am I doing wrong?


Would it be possible to post a screenshot of the trigger conditions? Or can you share how it’s setup?

To me, it sounds like the conditions are not greedy enough causing it to be triggered on the update.


This is where I sent a test reply in

And here is where it fired the trigger again.


Do you have another trigger or mail rule in place that sets the customer id automatically? Just thinking maybe there is a conflict going on with how that is being set.


The only mail rules I have set are to change the category if the subject (Voicemail) has a certain wording or from a certain email account (scanner). I don’t have anything to set a customer ID to anything. Do I need to add something more specific to the trigger that when the ID is changed from null/blank etc to fire the trigger?