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HelpSpot Version 4 Update


Take a look at some of the tech details of the upcoming version 4.


Great news!

Will this version still be encoded with IonCube?
Any eta?


Yes, it will still be encoded for now. This is something we’re constantly evaluating and I could see this changing in a future major version release, but for v4 it will still be encoded.

Early beta’s are going out this week. As the post mentions there are extensive changes so we’re going to take our time with it, but I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to do the production release late March/early April.


We are now running the beta, however I cannot seem to find the iOS downloads?


Just sent you an invite! Let us know if you have any trouble.


I received the invite, the apps are fantastic so far!! HUGE improvement on the previous!


Awesome! Thanks so much for the feedback.


I´m searching for an self hosted ticket system. it seems that HelpSpot meet the most of my requierements. Need the system mid of march. And if its possible i don´t want the start with V3 when the new V4 is there.

Is the any way that i get an evaluation account or demo version to try the new V4 ond compare to V3?

Thank you


Hi Eric, Yes, we’re actually sending out a new beta release today and I’ll get you on the list to receive it.


I’d really be interested in the v4 of helpspot as well. We’ve been using it as our main ticketing system for a few years now, really like the product, and the team is VERY interested in the mobile apps !


Sure thing, just email our support and we can send you the beta details.


We are to looking for better Helpdesk application, the one we are using right now is a bit too "heavy"
Where do I sign up for Beta testing ?

Thank You


You can contact our customer support ( and they can set you up with access.


Hi Ian,
I manage to install the Beta Version, is there a specific thread/forum/channels for Bug report and features recommendation ?

Thank you


Good idea. I’ve added a “beta” category in the drop down.


Hi Ian is there a target release date yet for version 4?


Roughly the end of May. There are many installations using it in production now, we’re waiting on a few pieces of HelpSpot Cloud to finish up. Ideally we want to release both at the same time, but if cloud has any significant delay’s we’ll release 4 without it.


Thanks Ian. Looking forward to this release.


speaking of cloud, will there be an easy migration from on prem 3.2.12 to 4.X on the cloud?


If you’re using the MySQL database we’ll be able to move you into HelpSpot Cloud easily. If you’re using another database it’ll first have to be transformed, but it will still be possible.