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Helpspot Webpage look


I have installed the trial of helpspot, I can access it fine on the same server (localhost). I can access it remotly using the IP and get a webpage but all the formatting is missing, just a black and white page with links.
looks fine of the local server all the colors and everything render as they should. is there a setting or something that i missed out? so far I have installed it on two new servers and still having the same problem.
I am using IIS7 and windows server 2008, also using the installer from the website, and MySQL.
I have tried it using apache but still no luck.

I have also tried disabling the firewall, I have been onto config.php in c:\program files\helpspot\helpspot and tried to change the “CHosts” bit to the name of the server, but it won’t save the file (is there a service or something that needs stopping before I can do this?)

thanks for your help!



Yes, you selected localhost in your installation so it’s only using that which can’t be accessed outside the server. You need to modify config.php in the root HelpSpot folder. Change the cHOST variable where it says localhost and replace it with your IP or domain name.