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HelpSpot4 Cant Change Date's on Previously Saved Filters


Hi Folks.

We upgraded to HelpSpot 4 over the weekend after some extensive testing that all looked great! Love the new search by the way.

However we have a problem reported in Production that we can re-produce in test. In HelpSpot4 We cant Change Date’s on Previously Saved Filters without experiencing one or both of these errors.

  1. IF more than one date filter is present after selecting a new date for the first date, the second date field is inoperable and can not be selected.
  2. After changing the date on a date filter and saving, the filter view contains the correct columns, however all the other filter criteria listed after the date (besides the date which was just saved) has been removed. This results in way too many records being returned. Editing the filter again shows that indeed the only criteria left on the filter is the date in question. The filter has to be re-built from scratch.

Work Around.

  • Edit the filter
  • Print off a copy of the settings
  • Navigate away
  • Create a new filter with the same name.
  • Setup the filter as desired with the new date ranges
  • Save the filter with the same name as the previous to overwrite it.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Create a new filter and save it (or Select a filter matching these criteria and start on step 4)
  2. Include on the filter two date fields with at least one other filter criteria after the second date (Category = “bla” for example)
  3. Save the Filter
  4. Access the Filter
  5. Edit the Filter
  6. Change the first date to another date
  7. Click or tab off the field
  8. Attempt to click on the next date (should be un-accessable - does not hilight or give the calendar picker or type cursor)
  9. Save Filter
  10. Review Data (is too broad for previous filter settings)
  11. Edit Filter again (see the filter is missing its previous defining criteria)


Thanks for this excellent report! We’ll get on this ASAP.


Hi Bill,

I just went to try and duplicate this on the latest version and it seems to be working properly for me. Here is a gif of me saving, editing, and then saving again:

Am I setting this up incorrectly? If not what browser are you using?

Also, what version of HelpSpot 4 are you running? This can be found from the admin tab.


Well that does look like it works, what browser?
Maybe we need to move up to the most recent point release. Is there a bug fix related to that since .14?


In that video I was using Chrome on a Mac and upgrading may in fact fix it.

The release do not specifically mention this area, however, a few notes are related to filters:

If you can upgrade to the latest that is the route I’d recommend and then we can continue debugging if it doesn’t fix it for you.


We have an upgrade scheduled for our test system this week so I will update with results.


We updated our test site and this is still occurring. It is not working like in the video you showed.
We tried in Firefox, Chrome, and even IE (I was desperate).

Any other ideas?


Hay I was wrong on my last post. The test was done in production before the upgrade was done in production. Now that we re-tested after the latest build, tour latest build DID resolve the issue for us.

Thanks for having the fix in a a build even before we asked for it!


Awesome! I’ve been racking my brain since your previous update trying to figure out what would be the culprit. Glad it’s all sorted now and thanks for the update.


Thanks sorry for the hassle. It was an issue in the .14 build that we went onto first, But resolved in your latest release.