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Hiding display of custom fields


We currently have 45 custom fields and are planning on adding more. Most of these fields are used by all categories. Is there any option for hiding the majority of these fields, either by having some kind of “More” button or tabbed display similar to the Customer/History Search/Live Lookup selection? That way, the page will look much cleaner and be easier to navigate.

If there is no such option today, might I suggest including such a feature in a future release of HelpSpot?


Hi Kevin,

We’ll definitely consider that for a future release.

They can be organized by category. Perhaps some tweaks to the categorization would allow you to better show only the needed fields when they’re truly required?


Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, most of our categories are public so they need to reflect what our clients expect. I guess we’ll just try to be more prudent about which fields are actually needed or used.


It might be possible to do some tricky stuff with a more specific private set of categories and automatically moving requests that come in with triggers or the API but I’m not sure if you want to go to that level with it.