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HJow to urn off auto reply in trial



I am currently evaluating helpspot. In order to test, how the system can be navigated when a lot of tickets pile up I am copying all incoming mail to our regular inbox to my helpspot trial email.
Now my customers receive auto confirmation from helpspot and are getting confused. How can i disable these auto replies in the trial?


Hi Harald,

It’s generally not a good idea to send real email to the hosted trial system, it’s not designed for that usage. You can use a self hosted trial to test it with actual email.

If you send in a private ticket we can turn off the auto reply in your trial, but you should be careful about what you send into the hosted trial as you could accidentally be emailing real customers.


We’re having the same issue in the hosted trial. The system is generating literally thousands of emails each day and is also constantly updating (i.e. sending emails) andreopening tickets when no one is working in them.

I’m sure some/all of these problems are because it’s a trial, but if there’s something you can do (or direct me to turning off a setting I’m overlooking), it would be appreciated. Our testers are getting overwhelmed.


Hi Margaret,

Yes, you should turn off the forwarding of emails to the hosted trial system like that. By default you can’t edit the mailbox area where the auto reply is controlled.

I have your email though so I’ll get that turned off for you in the trial.


Thanks, Ian. Have a great weekend!