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How are fighting forum spam


I’ve had to disable my Helpspot forum because of too much spam. The spam filter is only catching about 75% of the spam and it looks really unprofessional to have sexual explicit material in my support forum. Most of my users no longer subscribe to the suport RSS feed beacuse of the spam in it.

Other than disabling the forum, what are other Helpspot users doing to fight forum spam?



Hi Marcus,

We get a massive amount of forum spam here and only see about 1 out of 100 get through. Forum spam is so varied that it can take a while for the filter to train so you do have to stay on top of it for a while.

We are planning to add a captcha system which should help. In the short term you could try this new project I recently found:

I haven’t tried it, but I think it “should” be compatible.