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How can I automatically move an unread request from a logged out user into the inbox


We try to respond to all tickets within a few minutes and currently we have multiple reps covering different hours throughout the day.

The issue I am facing is when one of our reps is logged out and one of their tickets gets responded to by a customer how can I have an unread ticket automatically moved back to the inbox so that the representative that is on at that time can follow up on the request?


Hi Tom,

When the user is out they can enable their out of office to move re-open requests back to the inbox.

A better solution sometimes though is to use filters to create a view that shows open requests by last update order or something like that so you can simply cross support on that.

Or just have an all open type filter that everyone works off of which encompasses the inbox and non-inbox items that shows if anyones assigned and if a person known to be out is assigned other staff can cover that.