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How Can I Control What Responses are available to ensure that it is sent out from the right outlet


Is there a way to work or set things up so that according to the category the responses that can be used are restricted?

This is so that I can use HelpSpot as a single log in to offer support on two web sites which are similar but on which some of the prices are different.

A bit of human error might be a disaster if we use a response for the wrong site.

But maybe there is another way to use the system


Hi Mark,

There’s not a way to limit it to that level. You can group the responses though up to 3 levels so you might want to do something like:

Site A/Group/Response
Site B/Group/Response

So that they’re in different tress of the response folders.


I have not yet got my head around the multiple portal system could I use that in some way to maybe restrict replies.

Maybe not a solution (?) but I could for example have 2 different log ins and different responses within each. Sometimes there are ways to achieve these things that may not be apparent at first.


No, the portals don’t affect the responses at all. You could certainly run multiple installations, the license allows for this. You just need one license for each person, but each person can be in multiple portals.

That’s not unusual, but it does mean you won’t be able to run stats/fitlers from one across all the installations. You’d need to go into each.


What I actually meant was that the responses were set local to the user and people would have to log in as different users. Not ideal I know.

But I think the remembered filters plus various other features of the program might help take someone into the correct outlet “zone” and thus might help reduce the chances - but not eliminate - wrong outlet responses being given.

I am quite surprised that this being able to restrict responses by some element is not built in. If only because every time I come back to look at the program it seems to do even more than I had thought the previous time - and very well. Whereas the restricting replies was one of the elements I had down to look for on my initial pretty basic list.


Interestingly I don’t think we’ve ever had a request for it! I guess most find the folders to be enough to divide them up. We’ll have to take a look at this though for a future release.