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How can I keep tickets from re-opening when user comments on it?


After a ticket is finished and I set the status to “COMPLETE” and then I click on “Update and Close”.

The issue is that when a user responds to that email then it reopens the ticket> it sets it to “Active”

If I close it again the user might respond again and re-open again!!

What is the right way fix this?


In Admin->Settings->Email Integration there’s a setting where if a customer responds after X number of days to a closed request that the email should be considered new and not a response. So you could do that if you want to consider these replies as a new request. However, if they’re just responding with “thanks” and such then it’s probably not what you want. In that case there’s really nothing HelpSpot can do. A human needs to check that the response isn’t an important part of the request.


I understand if a ticket is re-opened but then when I close it again after a “thanks” they, the users, get another ticket saying is closed, again.

How about keeping it from re-sending the closed ticket notification after a closed? know what I mean?

If not is fine… I guess they’ll get a “closed ticket notification” several times.

Maybe is a getting used to thing.


Hi Oscar,

I’m not sure what you mean. HelpSpot doesn’t have a closed ticket notification function. If you just go back into the request and click “update and close” without writing any note then no email will be sent. Emails are only sent if the note is not empty.