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How do you handle the contacts now in Helpspot



We’ve been using, well had a license for, helpspot for over 6 months now,
But we still cannot really wrapp our heads around the limited address book / live lookup.

To be honest, when we purchased a license we missed it, otherwise we wouldnt purchase a license again I think…

anyhows, When we worked with kayako, ladesk, hesk and freshdesk we simply started to type a name of somebody who emailed us, or we emailed them, and the script would complete the name and contact details so we could continue to write the ticket content. (outgoing email).

But how does this work with helpspot,
How can we save contacts in our address book, since it doesnt automatically generate a contact id, and we hardly remembed the last id we manually gave out.

And then the searching part, when we enter a part of a name in the left search bar it finds ticket of this recipient but we arent able to create a ticket once on the page of an old ticket send to the recipient we try to email again.
So we have to go workspace and new request, enter the first name (we address our recipient mainly on a first name basis so we remember those) go to lookup and then it almost never finds anything.

So I was wondering, because I like the solution and I like how it works but I never got to wrap my head around sending out emails.



Hi Dominick,

I think we went over this via email but for others who might read you’re right. It doesn’t currently auto complete in that sense.

However, if you’ve worked with the person before you can hit the history tab and insert from there.

If you’ve hooked up Live Lookup as many customers do then you can search your CRM or any other system to complete the information.

Most installation are primarily inbound, but this is an area we are going to improve in the future.


Hi Ian,

Thanks for your reply,
I created this thread before I send out an email but it was also to get some tips from the community,
I found out that my carddav contact book is saved in an mysql table so I am trying to connect it to live lookup, this way I have the contacts on my phone (carddav account) synced with my helpspot installation.



We have been evaluating Helpspot and really like it as well. We have a company meeting to decide if we stick with it and buy 10 licenses next week – but we have had the same struggles with the search and contacts. I have put a ton of development into scripts in our email system etc to capture things and I really do like most of Helpspot but do see how it lags behind in this area (for some people). I am thinking about setting up a Basecamp Highrise CRM to have a live lookup or SQL - but thats just a ton more work.

Ian – i know you cant say dates etc – but do you know if functionality like autocomplete / internal contact db etc would be sooner than later? I am really trying to stick with this as our solution for the long-haul…

perhaps anyone else here on the forums has any other bright ideas of how they actually initiate the tickets within the helpspot system easilly?



Hi Stephen,

Before, and even a bit after, we purchased helpspot we compared other help desk solutions and I like overviews and stats and in that area helpspot is indeed behind.
Where, by using kayako/jitbit/etc etc, you can simply press the name of the client/contact to see a list of tickets, notes etc and when changing a phone number the new number is visible in every ticket.

We use our help desk as a reminder tool to remind ourself to contact our clients when sometimes has to be renewed, a birthday etc etc,
It often happened when using helpspot that the phone number is old because helpspot doesn’t use a centralized address book but inserts the client information into the ticket.

I can understand there is probably a reason for that but I don’t see it as of yet,
That was also a reason why I opened this thread because I didn’t yet come across a system I like as much as I like helpspot but some features push me away from trusting it completely and I still keep my reminders/contacts/support tickets separate and I like to keep this all in 1 place.


Thanks guys.

There is a bit of a philosophical different here between HelpSpot and other systems.

HelpSpot is ticket (what we call requests) centric. Each request stores the customer data. So requests are central not customers, like they would be in a CRM.

This does have downsides as you have mentioned. However, there are also upsides. For example, the data remains and is not modified by centralized updates. You mention this as a negative and in some cases it can be, but for others it’s a positive. An accurate historical record of things as they were when the request happened vs later changes modifying that.

Though it doesn’t auto-complete it’s generally very easy to fill in the customer info as long as you have Live Lookup setup. If you already have the data anywhere Stephen there’s probably no need to mess with Highrise.

Live Lookup can hook with literally anything. So if you have a database or an API or even a flat file of contacts Live Lookup can work with that and fill based on it as well as search it.

There’s a reason for this kind of setup vs other systems. Other systems become another source of data to maintain. A duplicate of your primary customer data system. With HelpSpot and Live Lookup you only have a single unique source of customer data to manage and HelpSpot will work with that source in real time. So no syncing, no confusion, no having to maintain 2 copies.

Also, HelpSpot can fill in the customer information from it’s own database as well if you click the history tab and use a previous request, but generally Live Lookup is better.