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How do you make Helpspot Accessible via iPhone?


How do you make Helpspot Accessible via iPhone?

Currently the way we have things set up is basically you have to be on the network to access both the portal (users) and the admin control (techs). What is the procedure to allow Helpspot to be available via web so techs can access via iPhone?


Theres links on the login page, for iPhone and generic mobile


These links are viewable, however they are only viewable via HTML on the network. There currently is no one to access the URL from outside the network. Not sure if it was supposed to be site up on a web server or what. For example this is our URL: http://maintenance/helpspot but you can’t access it outside the agency’s network.

But that is our issue. Hope I explained it better. Helppppppp!!!


Hi Marcus,

Yes, you need to have your installation on the internet so that your phone can reach it. You could change the installation location (may be as simple as using a public IP rather than maintenance/) by editing config.php and making any necessary web server changes.

Possibly you could vpn into your network and then access it, but I’m not sure how that works on the iPhone.