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How does helpspot store category assingnments in the database


The only place that I see where Agents are assigned to a category in the database is HS_Category sPersonList. stored as a string.

Looking at it I am assuming that i:x is the xPerson id for the agent. but I also noted that thier are some xPerson id that are also included in this string that are not currently Assigned in the UI.

Please Help. as we are writing a SQL script that will control round robin routing of request based on the permission groups and also who is assigned to the group.

Explained what we are trying to do.
We are wanting to setup a sql script to take over the auto assign to user function of the application. we are wanting to only assign tickets to agents that are in a specific user permission group, when the agent is assigned to that category
I.E. New request comes in to Category A there are 5 Agents assigned to the Category but only 4 of them are in Permission Group 1 and the 5 agent is in Permission Group 2. the end result is that the 5 agent will be ignored by the script and only assign to the other 4 agents.

How does the application store user assignments in the database?