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How to add a license to HelpSpot


Version 3.
Email which delivered the license - no help
Admin manual - no help
Admin screen in helpspot - no help
Clicking a hundred buttons in helpspot - no help
Google for “Helpspot license” - no help
Forums - no help - maybe there is something here already, but without a search function, I have run out of patience to read the title of every forum topic.


Of course the correct answer just reveals my true impatience and selective vision.

Selecting the “Admin” button reveals a status page which shows whether an update is available, Customer ID, license assigned versus purchased, etc.

Also on the same page are sections to “Upload a New License” and “Maintenance Mode”. The upload works great and the license status on the page is immediately updated without the need to refresh the page.


Yep! Glad you found it.


We just ran into this, too. Found the answer here.

Ian, you guys might wanna put a blurb on your e-mail when sending out a license. :smile:


Ah, good point! We’ll get this done ASAP.