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How to automaticly send a Auto Follow Up Email



We are trying to set up a system in HelpSpot to automatically send a follow up / survey email of our technicians services to our customers. If you could please explain to me if this is possible and what steps are needed to take to achieve this.

Thank You,


Hi Anthony,

The best way to automate it would be to (in version 3) use a trigger to look for when a request closes (and any other criteria you like) and then send an email to the customer with your link, etc.

If you don’t want to send it every time they close a request you could also query the system via sql or api to just get the email addresses and send monthly/quarterly survey emails.

Note, if you go the trigger route you should be on HS 3.1.6 as it has important trigger bug fixes.


That explains an issue I am having. I am using triggers to send follow up emails with surveys, and a Custom Field to track whether a survey had been sent (as tickets can sometimes be re-opened and re-closed numerous times, this particular implementation of HS tracks shipping).

HS was not respecting the “If Custom Field = Not Checked” rule though - but your comment on 3.1.6 fixing this explains things. Once question - how do I get the suggested fixes installed?

Release Notes for 3.1.6 ( state “Bug - Triggers could not match custom field checkboxes” along with 17 other bugfixes. But on the Patches page for 3.1.6 ( there are fixes for only 3 bugs, none of which are trigger-related. How can I get the trigger bug fixed in a 3.1.5 installation? Or should I re-download and start from scratch, then re-import the DB?


You should upgrade to HelpSpot 3.1.6, no need to apply patches or to re-import DB’s just upgrade and see if that fixes your issue.