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How to create content within a book?


I’m sure this is an impossibly stupid question, but I can’t find any link in HelpSpot that suggests how to create content once I’ve created a book. What am I missing? And is there any special trick to getting the numbered headings like the HS manual?



Hi Tim,

It sounds like you didn’t add yourself as an editor. Go back into manage books and edit the book, make sure you’re listed as one of the editors. Once you are go into the book and you’ll see red links near the top which allow you to add a chapter. Once you’re in a chapter you can add pages and so on.

Let me know how you make out.


Thanks, Ian! I see the problem now. When I click the KB icon after creating a book, I get a list of books. When I click the linked book title, then I get the add chapter link. I can’t get to that link from within the Manage Books page which is where I was last night. The add chapter link is effectively hidden after you create a book the first time unless you click the KB icon then click a linked book title.

In terms of usability, it might be useful to add a link to the right of each linked book title on the Manage Books page or within the Edit: The Basics page after that. The link would appear if the person logged in is an editor for that book. Just a thought.

Appreciate the help!


Thanks Tim, yeah the manage books page doesn’t make it clear that you need to actually go to the book to manage it. We’re hoping to have this fixed in an upcoming release.