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How to delete a my filter for someone else


We are still using the old version of HelpSpot in production evaluating the new version in dev, but that is besides the point.

We have a user who just created a filter to search all tickets for a generic work, that is probably in just about every email. She saved this filter in her my filters, then logged out. Now when she logs in it crashes the system. We were able to log her in as guest since it does not show your filters. I want to delete a users filter as myself, but as far as I know there is no way to get into someone elses My Filter. Is there a way that I can delete another users filter?




Would this create and missing data links in the database. I am not familiar with the structure of the database, but I know that you need to be careful when deleting records from certain tables as to not create missing data links which could make the application unstable.

I am thinking about just deleting the user, then re-creating the user with the same information, but I am not sure what it will do with all of the reports. Will the user now have two entries with all of her historical data.




I am going to send you an email, I was wondering if you would not mind helping me create a SQL statement to delete the record in question, or modify the name. I am not an expert in SQL and would rather not delete something on accident.




Hi Pete,

I think you’ve got this wrapped up via a request. But just wanted to post in here that delete filters is safe from the HS_Filter table. in V3+ you also want to delete from HS_Filter_People if there are any for that filter listed there.

As Johnny noted deleting users directly from the DB is not safe as doing so will lose relations between the user and the requests they’ve worked in the past.


In the request that i sent in I attached the list of the users filters. Do you have a sec to let me know what the issue was? Should there be a check or something to make sure that this does not happen in future versions of the software? Not being a SQL guy this was kind of a crazy situation, and if I need to tell my users that there is something that they cannot do I would appreciate it.




Hi Pete,

In V3 there’s a large warning that pops up when a user tries to create a filter using a full text search as it’s very heavy on the DB. It can still be useful in some cases, but we do warn on that in V3.


Thanks so our issue was indeed a filter that was searching the whole DB? If that blows up the system, then we will tell users not to use that function of the filters. We are updating to V3 either this week or next, so if there is added warnings, then we are all good. Thanks for the help deleting those filters worked for our issue.




We’d have to see her filter to be sure, but yes a poorly designed filter can be very hard on the database. It’s a potential downside of the great power and flexibility provided by filters.

Are you on SQL Server? Usually that handles abusive filters better than the other DB’s but I can’t recall what you’re on.


Yes we are using SQL server. I sent in the SQL Server report for the users filters when I sent in the request and not here in the forum. I was thinking that you could look at that report and see what the issue was from that report. If you want I can send it again.


I don’t see it under your email, if you can just post the request ID i can look it up.


With the two filters of the same name you could change one in the sql that wouldn’t be a problem or right from the sql management studio. It won’t affect anything else.


I was able to delete both filters (with the same name) and fix the issue, but I just wanted to know what the issue was and if we needed to take any precautions or if there was a bug that you needed to fix. If it was two filters with the same name then maybe a check needs to be in place to make sure that a user cannot name a filter the same twice. Or if it is something that we need to do to educate our users to name make filters a certain way. I was just attempting to get to the bottom of the issue to make the necessary changes. If it was just a fluke then we are all good and working correctly again at this point in time.




I’ll have to look into that a bit, generally the same names are allowed but with the new permissions system there could be unintended conflicts that we need to take into account.


This is still v2 as we are about to upgrade.


ah, yes. OK we’ll still check it out though. It should really be fine to have 2 with the same name.