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How to delete Rules (Automation or Mail)


Hi there,

I created some rules for testing and wanna get rid of them, but I can only set them as inactive. How can I delete them without fiddling in the database?




And Responses too, how could I miss that.



Hi Michael,

There’s not currently a way to delete them, they can only be marked inactive. However, you could “reuse” them so when you have a rule or response you intend to keep you can overwrite all the values of the AR/Response you don’t want.


I should note that you can delete them in the database if you like, just remove the offending rows from their respective tables, but I’d generally advise against this unless you’re comfortable doing such things.


The rule recycling seems like a good idea, but I have no fear to do it in the database if this is the only option.


Then you can delete them from HS_Automation_Rules and HS_Responses respectively.