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How to host Helpspot

Hi All

I’ve downloaded Helpspot but wondering can anyone advice on how to host the software so that it is publicly accessible? I’ve been studying the manuals but slightly lost

Any help is greatly appreciated


I’m in the same boat too but i think I know the next step. You have a create a site and connect that site with your helpspot, which if anything like mine, is at a 127.0.0…which is just a loop back. Good luck. let me know what you did if you get it running.


Thank you, I have a site already and access to servers, so do I just create another page on the site for helpspot… ?
I set up a mock site and tried to edit the config.php file in the CHOST field by changing it to the address of the mock site, but nothing happened except the formatting went everywhere

Hope you get sorted

I believe the changes would be in the php. im reading through the manual now. i’ll let you know if i find something before you

perfect, I edited the config.php file with the mock site I created (just for testing purposes) and, nothing happened except the formatting went haywire
I’d be grateful if you kept me posted and i’ll do the same if I figure anything out

i should’ve been a little more specific. the php.ini file…again this is my guess…

OK thanks… is this in the helpspt folder?

C:\Program Files (x86)\helpspot\php

Perfect, and what changes did you make exactly if you dont mind me asking?

no changes to get it online yet. I had this almost setup about a month ago and i think i goofed by messing with IIS. i’m redoing everything so i’m still in configuration. my replies was based on what my manager told me before which was “ah ok great then I just need to give you the site”

Oh OK perfect, I get what you mean
Do you know which of the files might be the correct one?

php.ini-development or php.ini-production

Seems like a serious ordeal to get it up and running

i found this. i think this is what you’re looking for in which case you were right this whole time

I tried that alright and it didn’t seem to have the desired effect as I said earlier. I’m not too sure

i’m pretty sure you have but just incase you haven’t…try a simple page redirect?

As in change the CHOST destination? just to clarify

Maybe i’m being stupid… but what page would you redirect from when its currently only available locally ie the currently url for my helpspot is

i’m still working my way back to that point. I was hoping you’d know because that’s where I got stuck before too

ok… unfortunately i am in the same boat

Can i ask you another question if you dont mind

i dont mind. but i suggest sending me a message if its not topic related

Perfect, except ive no idea how to message on here lol