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How to replace primary portal with a secondary portal?


Hi Ian,

We would like replace our primary portal with one of our secondary portals. I wanted to review this process with you just so nothing gets screwed up.

Here are the steps that make sense to me, please correct me if I’m wrong or let me know if I left anything out.

Moving from secondary portal to primary portal:

1) Backup files and database (of course)
2) Remove the following from primary portal:


3) Move the following files and folders from /public_html/portal3/ (secondary portal) into /public_html/


4) Edit config.php:

change cHost entry to primary domain (instead of primary/subfolder).

I’m not sure about the cMultiportal entry, the number is 4 for the secondary portal config and 2 for primary config. Do I leave it as 4?

Also, are there any steps I would need to take on the Admin side and/or make changes to the database?

Mike S


This one was kind of urgent so I tested it out anyway. I followed the above steps and left cMultiportal as 4.

It looks like the transition went smoothly. :smile:

It will go live for real on Monday so hopefully I didn’t miss anything.

Anyway, if you know of anything I left out please let me know.

Mike S


That looks about right. We do have docs on how to do this as well, though it describes from creating a new secondary portal rather than moving an existing one

Let us know if you have any trouble today with it.


I came across that doc, it has some good info but the situation is slightly different.

I basically had a live primary portal and and an already created secondary portal. The secondary became a redesign of the primary and now the primary has been replaced by it.

We haven’t noticed any real issues yet, but we will monitor how it turns out when the users interact with it over the next few days.

There are a couple little things:

  1. Even though the replaced primary has ‘cBASEPATH’ set to the root public_html folder, the template files that are connected to the replaced primary portal are still the secondary portal folder: /public_html/portal3/custom_templates/ even though I thought it would be /public_html/custom_templates/ is this expected behavior?

  2. Are there any docs that explain ‘cMULTIPORTAL’? I’m wondering if the reason that the files are still being picked up in the portal3 folder because I kept this number as ‘4’, the original number of the secondary portal.

Mike S


Yes, you should update the cMULTIPORTAL to the proper ID for the secondary portal you now want it to represent. That should fix it.