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How to setup Live Lookup


We just start our trial and want to get the live lookup working right away. I watched several of those API videos on how to do it but I think I have something is missing. The Helpspot server will be on the cloud. I want to use http Get to lookup a CSV file that I will create manually (only 20 customers) on one of our local web server. I download the livelookup_sample.xml and commaseparated.php files from the Helpspot API manual sites. I assume I supposed to copy the php file to the web server home page directory but there is no php installed there. Can someone tell me where the files are supposed to go? I know I need to modify them to fit my needs. Where the commaseparated.php, php program, and the xml files? In the Helpspot Settings, Live Lookup. Do I put in our local server home page like “”? Thanks



I see you didn’t get an answer here yet - were you able to resolve that?

The php file used for Live Lookup (which in turn generates XML for Live Lookup to consume) just needs to be accessible as an HTTP request, so adding it at the URL you had there should be fine. However, there’s no set location it needs to exist at.

Within HelpSpot’s admin settings, when you configure Live Lookups, you’ll tell it where to send an HTTP request to when performing a live lookup. (there is the option to run the PHP file as a command line call, but HTTP/S is the best way to go about this usually).

There’s no XML file specifically - the .php file itself should return XML that Live Lookup will use.

Let me know if we can clarify anything further there!