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HS5 upgrading: Queue Worker Configuration on host webserver not possible

We run HS4 on a hosted web site. It works fine, including cron jobs working via CPanel

Looking to upgrade to HS5, the upgrade documentation talks of needing to config a Queue Worker via an “init” system such as Supervisord or Systemd .

The hosting company have confirmed this is NOT possible. Is there an alternative?

Could a cronjob run the following instead?
php hs queue:listen database --queue=high,default --sleep=3 --tries=3


That’s possible to run in a CRON, yes - however it may not run often enough as it will only run once per minute instead of continuously.

The command “queue:listen” will actually keep running until an error happens or a timeout occurs, so it’s not ideal to run that exact command on a CRON (you’ll have many overlapping commands running).

You can use “queue:work --once” instead (and remove the --sleep flag)

Additionally, from your example, you would just need to adjust some file paths to point where HelpSpot is on the file system, often something like this:

php /path/to/helpspot/hs queue:work --once database --queue=high,default --tries=3

I’m unsure what license you’re using for HelpSpot, but one thing you may wish to consider is using HelpSpot Cloud to host your HelpSpot instance. All paid plans offer Cloud hosting: HelpSpot Pricing