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HTML in forum posts


Is there a way to have the forums entry text box work like the non-wysiwyg kb text box? I’m trying to add color to a system status post to indicate at a glance what’s up and down.


Currently any HTML in the post is escaped before display internally by HelpSpot. You can reverse this in your template (forums.posts.tpl). Look for this line:

<?php echo $post['tPost'] ?>

You could do something like this:

<?php echo str_replace(array('<','>'), array('<','>'), $post['tPost']) ?>

I think that should work. Note that it can be very dangerous to your installation and I would not recommend you allow this if your installation is open to the public.


Thanks for the help. The forums is only open to internal users, who wouldn’t know what to do with html even if they knew what it was.

I had to modify your suggestion a bit, because I’m the flavor of nerd who requires value delimiters. I used:

<?php echo str_replace(array('<','>','"'), array('<','>','"'), $post['tPost']) ?>


Ah, yes actually you did indeed need to do that :slight_smile:

So it worked then? I’ll need to keep this trick under my hat for future use.


Worked like a charm. Not the greatest for inputting though, since all code (like a table and its child elements) needs to be on one line else the system puts in a
at the end of each, but it serves what I wanted it to do.

While I’ve got you here, would it be possible to add a function for moderators to move a topic to a different forum?

Also on my forums wishlist is a timed delete, like closing topics after a set time period currently works.


Moving topics to different forums is coming. What do you mean timed delete? Like after something is a year old? I’m curious why you need to delete?


Just automatic deletion of stale topics, so they’re not taking up space. Not necessary at all, but a nice feature for the neat-freaks among us.