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HTML & WYSIWYG Formatting


I have HTML turned on, but when something comes through, the formatting is pretty haphazard. Everyone in my company uses the same signature that includes a couple of small images. When that signature comes through to HelpSpot, the signature is exploded into several lines and is completely jumbled up.

The HTML feature was something I was really looking forward to having used Helpspot in the past with only text. I decided I could live without images, so I turned the image stripping on - but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. The images come through exactly the same.

Anyone else experience this?


Hi Chet,

Are the images attachments that are treated as such by HelpSpot or just regular links to the images? Image stripping should remove them if that’s the case. Also if that’s the case depending on how the footers have been created they may not be valid and when the system cleans the HTML it may cause the footer to lose it’s proper orientation.


Thanks Ian. The footers are created through Outlook, so I assume they are in Word HTML which is pretty iffy. Unfortunately I have no control over how our users create their signatures, so my workaround is to set the HelpSpot users’ profiles to not show images in the request history and that seems to help the aesthetic aspect.