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Httpd.exe crash with php5ts.dll error message


I have Windows Vista Ent SP1 + Apache 2.2 + PHP 5.2.13 + Zend Optimizer v3.3.3
It works fine. But when i’m trying open installation page of HelpSpot, HTTPD crashes with message:

APPCRASH - httpd.exe -
php5ts.dll -
exception code - c0000005
OS - 6.0.6001.
Add info:

  • ce16
  • 66b0df064fd5c5f2376a115b922f4999
  • aded
  • d601c27a201f931d7cbf2d871fcf4463

I’ve tryed change versions of PHP, Apache, Zend Optimizer libraries - it doesn’t work still.


Hi Tony,

We don’t test the system on Windows Vista, only server operating systems are supported for installation (you can of course access the system by a browser on vista without and issue).

That said, it should work. You might want to try and older version of PHP like 5.2.9 and see if that works.