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I need a raw interaction count report for assigned users



I need a way to provide a true report of all outgoing public messages that our CS reps deal within a given date range. When I pull a standard closed ticket report, it doesn’t take into account any of the back and fourth interactions, just the closed tickets by unique Request ID. The public update count is also not accurate in this case because it includes the public responses from the customers as well.

This is is also an issue when we provide reports showing overall closed volume. Please let me know what the best approach is to boil down the actual work our reps process. It’s hard to motivate staff when we are not seeing the full picture of the work they deal with.

Please let me know if I’m missing something.




Have you tried to use the report “Interactions over time”? You can group by “note creator”



I would second Harald’s suggestion. I think that is what you are looking for!


Is there a way I can apply filters to this report?


The date criteria is the only filtering currently available, along with the groupings. What additional filtering were your looking for?