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I'd love to be able to allow my staff to run reports but not be admins


Would this be possible if you installed a second instance of helpspot with a MySql database user that has read only access to the database? or would that cause crashes in the software?

We are looking for a low cost helpdesk solution and we really need this functionality.


Hi Aaron,

Hmm. I’ve never thought about a second read only instance. That wouldn’t work though because the db user needs to be able to create the session in the database.

In version 2 (currently in development) you will be able to allow this. Perhaps it would be possible to make one staffer an admin for now. That person could then save out the reports to share on an intranet with everyone else or simply email them out. Once version 2 is out you could then just grant everyone access who needs it.

We don’t publish specific dates for our releases, but we plan to have a version 2 beta out this spring.


what table is session information written to. I could allow write permission to that table only.


It looks like the table hs_sessions2 is the only one I need to allow: update,select, insert, and delete too. Now I can have users replicated over both installations of helpspot.

Except those user who I do not want to update things will be giving the link to the installation that has no write access to the database except for session info. I have tested this an it works. This is exactly what I need! Thanks for your help. Before I allowed this permission the user kept getting kicked out. Now they get in and can navigate. If they try to update a request nothing happens so that is great!


Now if only apache could handle windows integrated authentication. The only way to keep these other users from ruining my installation is by not giving them the link to the installation that has full privileges…


These are some dangerous users :slight_smile:

Glad to hear this worked. This is a good tip to keep track of.

One business note though. The license allows you to have multiple installations so that’s fine but you cannot have more individuals using the system then you have licenses for.

So in your case if you have 4 licenses you can have 2 staff members and 2 “view only” people or any other combination of course. What you can’t do is have 4 staff members in the write installation and 4 in the read only who are different people. The point being that if 8 distinct humans need HelpSpot access of any type then you’d need to have 8 licenses even though technically HelpSpot would let you do it because you’ve setup 2 installations. Hope that’s clear.


Actually never mind my license note. I forgot for some reason that you haven’t created a completely separate installation and that you’re using the same DB so you’re fine.